Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the history of Liberty Middle School Football/Competition Cheerleading, there has never been a first place win in anything. No one thought it was possible for
Liberty to ever win, until now. It all started when ten returners, seventeen seventh graders and one coach united in the spring of 2008. Twenty-eight hands were shook before we would even imagine going to camp and coming back champions.


            May 21, 2008 was any other ordinary day until 3:27p.m hit the clock of every Liberty Middle School classroom, hallway and lunch room, soon to realize history was going to be made. We told our loving teachers and never-forget friend’s goodbye for one crazy week. Grabbing my bags full of Liberty pride and fresh clean uniforms, I step into Coach J’s bronze vehicle with my best friend, Tracy Hutchings. Coach J puts his car in reverse and heads out toward Alabama University College. On the way their, Tracy and I view and discuss our new Seventeen magazines we both just got in the mail. Time flies by when we soon acknowledge one hour and thirty minutes have passed.


            As I gradually get up from the car, I think back, “Oh wow, this place looks the exact same since last year!” So Tracy and I clutch our black Liberty Cheerleader bags and head toward the hotel, waiting for the other twenty-five of us to arrive. Everyone enters the hotel and waits for the signal to head up to the second floor and into our new home for the week. As twenty-seven heads pop up, after establishing who’s in which room, Coach J gives us the key to explore the space we would be staying in. Cheerleaders from all over, jam into the squished elevator packed with bouncy bows and preppy pony-tails smashing the face of everyone in site. When the four of us reach our room, we open the door and plop our bags and snacks in an area of our own. “Drew and I call this bed and Courtney and Ariel can get that bed” Tracy exclaims! “That’s fine with me”, I giggle back. So as a couple of hours go by, night begins to get nearer and we settle down for an exciting week that’s ahead of us.


            Every morning begins the exact same for everyone on the Liberty Cheer Squad. Beep, Beep, Beep, is all we here as we wake up from a good nights rest. Tossing the covers back, Tracy wakes up everyone in our room and tells us to get up. Slowly but surely, I stretch myself to help wake up and be ready for the day. Getting dressed and trying to eat at the same time was pretty hard, but by the end of the week it got easier. We get done with our hair and makeup, and left our way out of the hotel, ready to go to our first practice of the week. Because of the accident last year, we must take a right turn down toward the light, cross, and then make a left back up toward the camp area. We finally arrive early enough to stretch and head ourselves by our role models, Bob Jones High School cheerleaders.


            Practice began with a bang. The tight and neatly uniforms of our UCA cheer advisors were up and ready to go with excitement! A team warm up is a good way to always start off practice. After all the teams were done stretching, we progressed to our first station: The Dance. Once we’d made it across the football field, chopped up tires fake grass, Liberty watched in amazement to the up coming hip-hop dance preformed by the UCA teachers. The dance looked extremely difficult, but once they slowed it down, we had it down pat.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009



i made bob jones high school cheerleading! :D
im so excited right now!
i can not believe that im going to be a bob jones cheerleader!
thats like super amazing! and what a great honor it is to be!
our first practice is going to be this monday! and im looking forward to it!
we wont find out until another month when we find out if we made varsity or jv!
i honestly think i will make jv but i hope i make varsity!
that would be so cool but like i said i really think i will just make jv. but i dont care,
because im still a bob jones cheerleader!!! (:

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lots of Changes && Cheerleading!

Well first things first. I’m, i guess you could say, another girl next door.
I love my friends and like im a total girly girl!
Cheerleading is my life && i dont know what i would do with out it!
My two best friends mean everything to me;
Annie- girl, were so insane! were practically sisters!
Tracy- Woh, what would life be with out you! you help me through everything!
Thank you girls for being in my life!!

Okay, well they’re is this boy,
&& he is a total hottie.
Skyler Cisco.
boy your just so crazy;
i mean playing laccross and being yourself.
boy your going to get hurt one day doing both of those!
i love you. (:

Now, one of my many talents.
crazy, i know right!?
okay, well cheering for Liberty isn’t as easy as you may think.
it comes with alot of responsiblity and athletic ablitily!
luckly, i have both. :P
well, nationals are coming up and im super excited!
we have a great chance at winning but, we still need our practice!

Okay well i hope you liked learning about me a little bit.
what would be great is if you read one of my best friends blogs!
its.. www.dylansashleythestory.blog.com (:
its based on a true story that happend to me and my friends!
im in it so if you want to read it go right ahead!
its a very good story.. its  not done yet because
my friend Annie is still writing it! but its going to be great!
ps, im the co- auther.. :P
teehee. well i love you!
bye! :D

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Sunday, August 3, 2008


My name is Haily Drew Jones..
Well, I’m a cheerleader.
And life is CRAZY!!!

I have a wonderful best friend, that hooked
me up with this blog thing.

&& I’m Crazy for my boyfriend, Elijah!!
and well, we’ve been dating for 4 weeks
and 4 days!!! I really really like him!
    I love you, Elijah Reid Stewart. ♥

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